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The Culinary Traditions of Catbalogan

The Culinary Traditions of Catbalogan                   In lieu of the usual Souvenir Program, a coffee table book entiled “ The Culinary Traditions of Catbalogan will be published to commemorate the Feast of St Bartholomew on August 24, 2013. This will be a 200 page full color featuring  articles and photos of Catbalogan’s traditional dishes  such … Continue reading

The Catbalogan Fiesta

The Catbalogan Fiesta In the façade of the old church of Calbalogan, an embossed colored image of St. James the Apostle riding a horse perches above the main door. Santiago (as the saint was known) was the patron saint of Spain and its champion against the Moors; he was also the patron saint of Catbalogan. … Continue reading